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Groupiful keeps your team organized so you can spend your time on work that matters.

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Manage your projects

Groupiful's collaboration tools helps teams complete projects faster.

Have discussions

Upload files

Manage Tasks

Schedule Events

Create Notes

Assign tasks

Keep your team on-task and focused.

Stay up to date

You and your team can change a task's status so everyone will know what stage your project is at.

Delegate to team members

You can assign a task to one or more team members and monitor their progress.

Use tags to sort tasks

You can add one or more tags to a task and can use tags to sort through your tasks in your project's page or in your Dashboard.

Collaborate with your team

It's quick and easy to invite team members to your project.

Invite team members

Invite team members by email, selecting members from existing projects or by using a special link.

Copy an existing project

Easily set up repetitive projects by copying an existing project's tasks, files or members.

Flexible user management

Assign roles to team members to control what they can do in your project.

Syncs with Dropbox

Connect Dropbox to sync your Groupiful project files with your Dropbox account.

Easy to Connect

Connect Dropbox to your Groupiful account in just a few clicks.

Awesome Organization

Your Groupiful files are saved in a "Groupiful" folder and project subfolder.

Two-way syncing

Upload a file to Groupiful and it will be saved to your Dropbox. Upload a file to your project folder in Dropbox and it will be saved to your Groupiful project.

Stay on top of all of your projects

Use Groupiful's Dashboard to see the information that matters most to you.

View and reply to posts

View and update assigned tasks

View project files

View upcoming events

View recently updated notes

What's the catch?

There's no catch. We promise. Our free plan gets you 10 projects with 100 MB of storage and up to 5 users for each project (earn additional projects by inviting new members to join your projects). If you need to add more storage or users, you can subscribe to one of our premium plans. You can share your premium subscription with team members so they can create their own premium projects using your subscription.

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Project management made easy.

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